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League Disbanding
  What a night in the ITCL!!!!!  The battle of the Blue Devils went
down to the last seconds with Western Reserve pulling out a thrilling
13-9 victory over McDonald.
  East Palestine out lasted the Crestview Rebels 49-41, while
Springfield also won a nail biting 14-13 game with Columbiana.  
South Range, Lisbon, Wellsville and Jackson-Milton all came up with
big wins tonight to keep their league and playoff hopes alive.
    The ITCL is rounding into shape as Lisbon looks to have clinched the
White Tier with an impressive 33-13 win over Columbiana Friday night,
while Springfield is close to winning the Red Tier with a 48-13 pounding of
East Palestine.  Also, Western Reserve blasted Jackson-Milton 53-0 to
inch closer to wrapping up the Blue Tier.
    In other action, South Range looks to clinch a top spot in the playoffs
with beating Crestview 49-0.  McDonald keeps it's slim playoff hopes alive
with a 47-10 win over Mineral Ridge, and Sebring knocked out Lowellville
54-20.  Southern beat Leetonia 24-21 while Wellsville won 32-7 over
       The Springfield Tigers, Lisbon Blue
Devils, and Western Reserve Blue have all
clinched the last ITCL titles with big wins
Friday night over Crestview, Leetonia and
Mineral Ridge.  South Range (win over
Indian Creek), Springfield and Lisbon also
clinched playoff spots with their wins.
       Western Reserve also keeps their
playoff hopes alive along with East Palestine
as the Dogs knocked off United.  
Columbiana and Jackson-Milton also won
important games over Wellsville and
Lowellville that keep them in the top 8
playoff positions in their regions.
       In addition, McDonald and Southern
also won Friday night over Sebring and Clay
Battelle to help them in closing out this
season with positive momentum.